The Board of Regents

Pauline M. Moore, Chairperson of the Board 

Haywood A. Robinson,  Vice-Chairperson of the Board  

Terrance D. Bulger,  Secretary of the Board 

Prudence Harlen Harvey, Treasurer of the Board 

Charles E. Goodman, Member-at-Large 

Danielle L. Brown, Member-at-Large 

Timothy J. Clarke, Member-at-Large 

Cheryl Evans, Member-at-Large 

Langston Huzzy, Member-at-Large 

Joyce Green Miles, Member-at-Large  

Earl W. Moore, Member-at-Large 

C. Diane Mosby, Member-at-Large 

Regretta B. Ruffin, Member-at-Large 

J. Charity Ware, Member-at-Large 

Tisha Dixon Williams, Member-at-Large 

Robert O. Harcum,  Acting President 


Expired Term 
Terrell Carter

Malcolm J. Byrd
Robin K. Kinloch

Muriel Mitchell Lawrence