The Mission of Wayland Baptist Theological Seminary is to practically and professionally prepare God-called men and women to impact the world by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Church, the academy, and specialized ministries.

Our Mandate: “To proclaim the power of the gospel by healing the sick, mending broken hearts, feeding the hungry, cleaning the lepers, setting the captives free and leading humanity to the sacred heart of Jesus Christ.”

Tuition Scholarship Opportunities 

3 Partial M.Div. Scholarships available! 


3 Partial Scholarship for M.A. (Black Pentecostal Spirituality/Missiology) 

2 Partial Scholarships M.A. (Liberation Theology)


2 Partial Scholarships for Women in Ministry

5 Full Scholarships for Music Ministers/Musicians 

A Seminary for the times. Founded in 1812 as the Baptist Training Union by free and escaped enslaved persons, Wayland Baptist Theological Seminary has a heart for scriptural interpretation, scholarship, sacred music, skills, and specialized ministries. With a rich history of practical and professional preparation, Wayland continues to equip pastors, ministers, scholars, music ministers, musicians, global service apostles (missions workers), and church workers for a variety of ministries in the church, the academy, and the world. 

Wayland Baptist Theological Seminary is like no other, balancing practical application and scholarship by prepared clergypersons and academicians utilizing our pastor-prophet-priest and professor-prophet-practitioner system for instruction and equipping. Wayland Baptist Theological Seminary is the choice for specialized ministry preparation, testing intellect against standards of excellence, and working from a historic Baptist perspective hermeneutically, in identity, ecclesiology and practice, historically, theologically, and in polity. 



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Mailing Address: 

Post Office Box 2721

2333 53rd Street East

Oneco, Florida 34264-9800

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Courses

Eastertide Trimester

(7 Weeks)

April 5 - May 21, 2021



THEO617 - Sexuality & the Black Church

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM EST

Professor: Dr. John Harris


THEO615 - Theology, History & Polities of Black Holiness, and Methodist Movements

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST

Faculty Lecturer: Dr. Gregory P. Nelson



THEO516 - Introduction to

African American Preaching

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST

Faculty Lecturer: The Rev. Eric J. Goode

Pentecost Intensive

(1 Week)


May 24 - May 28, 2021