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Master Programs

Master of Arts in Classical Studies

The Master of Arts in Classical Studies program equips students to critically analyze texts and material culture by using various theoretical approaches. Graduates will be well prepared to move on to the PhD level.


Students choose one of 3 concentrations:  

  • African Diaspora

  • North African/Latin 

  • Timbuktu

Master of Philosophy 

The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) degree is a prerequisite to the PhD degree and is awarded upon successful completion of all requirements of the PhD degree except for the preparation and defense of the dissertation. 


Doctoral Program

Doctor of Philosophy 
(Sacred Rhetoric & Classical Education)

The 30 credits PhD in Sacred Rhetoric & Classical Education prepares students to be effective and inspiring teachers and insightful professional scholars of classical antiquity. The program centers on structured study of the classical languages, Ancient African, Greco-Roman culture, and the perspectives and methods of research available for the classical world. As teachers, mentors, and evaluators, the faculty provide careful training and guidance of students, who are encouraged to show independent initiative in pursuing their own interests, goals, and intellectual identities.

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