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Executive Certificate Programs

Executive Minister Certificate

The 24 credit executive certificate is designed for executive pastors and ministers desiring additional training in business administration and church business specific work environment without obtaining another degree.  

Executive Church Leadership Certificate

The 24 credit executive certificate is designed for pastors and pastoral leaders desiring training in leadership development and best practices for congregational ministry.  

Executive Certificate in Church Planting

The 24 credit executive certificate is designed for church planters, missions workers, global service apostles, and other pastoral leaders interested or actively involved in church planting. 

Executive Certificate in Pastoral Care & Parish Nursing

The 24 credit executive certificate is designed for practicing parish nurses as well as other professional nurses who serve in congregational, Christian Schools, colleges, seminaries, or missionally. This program combines pastoral care and current nursing practices to equip those who serve as first responders in the local church.

Executive Leadership Certificate in Faith-Based 

Wayland's Executive Leadership Certificate in Faith-Based Non-Profit

helps church professionals build the essential skills to foster organizational and programmatic success and provides you with a framework for how faith-based nonprofits. 

You will learn about:

  • Capacity building

  • Design with intentionality

  • Donor cultivation

  • Faith-based Nonprofit administration

  • Board development

  • Strengths-based coaching

  • Financial sustainability

  • Strategic plan

  • Nonprofit budget

  • Volunteer recruitment, training, and evaluation plan

  • Fund development plan

  • Grant funding source analysis

  • Agency goals

Executive Certificate in Theology & Public Policy

The 24 credit executive certificate is designed for social prophets, shakers, movers, and makers as well as aspiring leaders in fields like social justice, police reform, prison reform, higher education policy, etc. This unique program prepares those who are motivated to apply systemic thinking and pragmatic solutions to shape meaningful policy that delivers positive impact in the church, the academy and the world.

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